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BUNKER77 - Film doco on Bunker Spreckels. The wildman of 70's surfing.


Born the heir to a sugar fortune, Spreckels became Hollywood royalty as a young boy when his mother married Clark Gable. In the 1960s, he defied family expectations by embracing the emerging surf culture, becoming a pioneering, if controversial, star of the sport. But after he came into his inheritance, Spreckels indulged in the excesses of the life of an international playboy.

From the movie trailer- Watch here.

Narrator: What do you get out of surfing?

Bunker: "What do I get out of surfing?... Something beautiful to look at. Something beautiful to think about. Something...just beautiful."

The award winning documentary BUNKER77 has been showing over the last few months at film festivals in the US and Hawaii. We will keep you posted when they announce the films release her in Oz.

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