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...Lost x Lib Round Nose Fish. Just got better!

The Redux, round nose fish by Matt Biolis is arguably one of the best, most fun board models on the market. Lost first released The Redux in the mid nineties when most were riding Slater inspired narrow, wafer thin, banana's. At the time, The Round Nose Fish went against the grain and the Redux was made famous in the Lost movie "5'5"x19 1/4" starring Chris Ward, Corey Lopez and Andy Irons. The movie received cult status with Ward and Lopez showing how versatile, fun and relevant the modern Round Nose Fish was/is in a wide variety of waves from the junky Cali beach breaks to powerful Hawaiian barrels.

Matt Biolis, "For Lost this is the board that started it all. And this is the modern spin on the original round nose fish that we have be doing for almost 25yrs."

Biolis/Mayhem/..Lost have recently added the all new eco friendly Lib Tech construction to this little beauty. The round nose Lost x Lib Tech constructed Redux is now lighter, stronger and eco friendly making the model a great addition to your quiver.

Watch Biolis, and his team introduce the new and improved Redux- Round Nose Fish Redux.

Note: The Banjar does not currently stock Lost surfboards. We just love this board.


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