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PABLO Interview. Legend of Desert Point.

By Luke Horlin-Smith.

Desert Point, or known locally as Bangko Bangko, on the south west tip of Lombok is one of the worlds most pristine waves. And Pablo from California is the leader of a select group of pioneering surfers that have devoted their lives to surfing this mystical wave.

I first starting going to Deserts in the mid 90's while I visited my Dad who lived in Lombok. I didn't realise at the time but the 90's and early 2000's were the golden years of relatively uncrowded Desert Pt. During this time I would drive out to the point and spend days surfing mind blowing perfect barrels with these legends and other adventurous surfers hoping to score the Point pumping.

The thing is Deserts is remote, hot and riddled with malaria carrying mosquito's. And the wave, all though perfect when firing, is a fickle beast, needing just the right swell, offshore winds and tide. So, in this time, pre online swell forecasts you had to be willing to stay long periods in primitive lodgings to score waves. But, when it's on! it's all worth it. One long barrel at Deserts will remain etched in your mind forever...

Pablo is a true legend! The way he carries himself on land and in the water is all class. On land he is quite, respectful and friendly. In the water he quietly holds his position at the top of the point and carefully selects his wave. Like all great surfers, Pablo doesn't over surf the wave. He never chases sections. He knows you don't need too here at DP. Rather, Pablo positions himself with style and just the right amount of speed to meet the section and ride deep in the barrel all the way down this glorious point.

I remember one memorable day when the Point was 6ft and pumping. I was in my early 20's and at the peak of my surfing powers. After a long day of incredible barrels, I called it a day and cracked a Bintang in the shade of a beach warung. Happy and content with my efforts. That was until Pablo rode the best wave I have ever seen pulling into and cleanly exiting multiple stand-up barrels all the way down the Point and past the evil bone dry Grower section. I was blown away! Without hesitation I grabbed my board and ran out over the exposed low tide reef and paddled out to tell him, "that was the best surfed wave I had ever seen...And I need to ride one like you just did."

The BANJAR Tail Pads- Pablo 2 and Pablo 3 were designed in honour of Pablo's timeless style.


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  • Luke on

    Hi Liza. All I know is that you will find Pablo at Desert Pt. every year between April and November.

  • Liza on

    I was there with Pablo in 97.. when we needed to walk to get there. So many records from DP and Pablo…
    is there a chance to get in touch with him ?

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